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What a Ride

Posted in Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 by mdride

This started as a project with a huge vision and some guts. We’ve almost reached the halfway mark of the organization and I am overwhelmed. Working on the back end has become a monster with a life of its own. We’ve seen so many results and SO MUCH SUPPORT! And at the same time, it has been tough.

Most notably, tough emotionally. Walking into this I did not realize the magnitude of challenges that comes along with re-building a broken mother-daughter relationship. I did not realize how many things have gone unsaid. I did not realize how angry I am.

The communication between us is nonexistent except for aggression, blame, justification and tears. Both of us have stated things we have never before dreamt of saying out loud and some things that we wish had never been uttered at all. It is incredible how many things have come to the surface that I did not know existed. Both of us lack trust and respect but not commitment. We’ve walked away from each other and had time of silence. Silence through me as I close the doors and the windows and any way in. Silence for peace and silence of avoidance.

And somehow, we always come back to the table.

There are some mothers and daughters who never find a bridge, whose time has come and passed without repair. Some mothers and daughters are in the think of things much like us. And others who have made through to the other side.  No matter what happens in the next 6 months, I can say that I honour all mothers and daughter & the work that goes into mending the cuts and bruises to bring out the love.

I look forward to celebrating with you.


Side note: Check out this WEtv reality show that focuses on the mother-daughter dynamic.


An Oldie

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‘Engaging” seems to take a lot of paperwork!

Want to have a raffle? Check out What you didn’t know is that there are a lot of illegal raffles….

How about creating a charity? 18 months, a fair amount of $ and a potential ‘no’ later….

Want to inspire people across Canada to donate to your cause? Careful careful, you’ll have to register in all the other provinces, too.

Maneuvering through the legalities surrounding not for profit registration, tax write-offs, liabilities,  donations in Ontario, donations outside of Ontario, even raffles is a full time job all in itself.

It has definitely had an influenced on our journey, at least regarding its scope.  Thank god for those who are playing devils advocate and pointing potential disasters out to us. Who knew giving could be SO frustrating!

And yet there is something to be said about going with the flow. So far, most challenges have bowed down to our passion and our determination to make a dream come true. So far it seems that our intentions are in the flow and working with us, not against us. So far, the challenges are a blessing in disguise.

Next: Finding someone who will give up their LCD or Flat Screen TV for the weekend for the Motorcycle Show – now THAT’S a challenge!


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Finally, I have moved our Blog from our website to something a little more substantial and easy to manage. Now it’s time to keep you posted!

This endeavor started as a personal adventure and journey and this blog will be no different. Filled with personal tribulations, organizational insides, MDRide ongoing and insights into the cross country voyage, this blog is your view past the outside an into the real life of MDRide.

First, to update the blog with previous entries ~ and it’s unfortunate that some have been lost.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the challenges, the successes and the opportunities to get involved.