Again, We Have Radio Play!

When Moose Radio played a 30 second advertisement about the garage sale being held at the Town and Country Motel, the people of Parry Sound heard and came out to support  the MDRide Charity event. They came in the rain and wind and browsed, bought, and ate hot dogs under sombre dark clouds.  One kind lady filled up the Town and Country living room a day ahead with a donation of lightly used items, in contribution to our great cause:  SOS Children’s Villages.

On Saturday June 12, the morning of the sale started at 7:00 a.m. with volunteers “Bert” Hughes and Sandi Phillips arranging the garage sale goodies on the deck,  on long tables, and under the eaves of the Town and Country Motel office.  Furniture, t

oys, bedding, pictures, skis, snow-shoes, aquariums, antiques and various other items were amassed in neat formations in wait of a keen eye and eager buyer.  It was at that point that a temperate, misty rain proved mild compared to what the early afternoon would bring.  Within a few hours all but glass ware and plastic goods were moved under the eaves in search of salvation from the down-pour.

Yet, the villagers came in a steady drone.  Most bought and many  offered a few extra quarters once they heard all proceeds were going to the orphaned and abandoned children raised, educated and cared for  by SOS  Children’s Villages in Canada and abroad.

It was a cheery, but soggy morning.  Sandi worked tirelessly emptying drenched glass ware and drying it with a steady stream of tea towels.  From the steps of the motel kitchen,  Bert entertained the guests with a hot pink puppet  who  bobbed his head and wiggled his behind enjoying  the fact that although Bert’s intention was to sell him, it didn’t happen.  Bert just couldn’t part with him.  Not yet anyway.  The July 17 garage sale in Barrie may not be as kind to our self –assured friend!  We’ll see!

And as the deck and tables emptied of our garage sale ware around one

o’clock, and the last of the hot dogs was eaten by a lingering friend,  the rain stopped -the clouds parted and I peeled off my raincoat.  I had an important job to do.  I had to count the money that had accumulated in the leather pouch fastened around my waist.  Loonies and toonies, quarters and dimes clinked in my fingers as I made the finally tally.  $485.15 had been raised through the support of the Parry Sound villagers, and thanks to Bert, who so kindly paid for the food and the advertising, the whole amoun

t is going to SOS Children’s Villages.  BRAVO!

On a final note, a big thanks to Sandi and Bert and to all those who came out to support us.  It was a fun time.

By Kathy Sharpe


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