At The End Of Day 2

Welcome to the ride! We started at 5:30 am on the July 28th from Barrie, Ontario – by the time we hit the pavement it was 6:30’ish and we were both exhausted.  But day one turned out to be a smashing success, even though the weather did not agree.

At our first stop, a trucker stop on the east side of Toronto for some breakfast, we met Jim Finch – who pulled out a map of Montreal and directed us to miss the crazy traffic and construction (THANK YOU JIM!). When we told him we were on our first day of a 28 day cross Canada ride for charity, without hesitation he pulled out his valet and donated $50 to our cause! What a great way to start day one. We hope to meet up with him again, as we travel through his usual route – he delivers exotic cars, maybe I can catch a ride.

As we got back on the road, the rain came and went and came and went – I think we stopped every 30 min to dress or undress.  We stopped again for lunch and met a lovely lady, Brenda and her adorable dog Prue and met Karim a fellow biker headed to Montreal like us. Lucky for us, we stopped longer than expected and when we got back on the road, we missed flying shrapnel by 5min, hitting the front of the traffic jam that followed an accident.
Finally, Montreal was in sight. Even with the help from Jim, we got lost a couple times before we made it down town and to the Hostel who has graciously offered us 2 nights free. 620km on the first day – shower, food, bed was the only things on our brains.

I must say that Montreal drivers are slightly crazy and the roads are TERRIBLE but the hostel was incredible andnothing can beat being down town Montreal where the food is plentiful, the people are pretty and the party is happening all the time.

We indulged in Indian food right down the street and finalized our plans, discussing our accommodations. From the next table, a man overheard us mentioning almost every city in Canada. He seemed perplexed and asked what we were up to. After sharing our story, he asked if we had out-planned all the fun – Randall Benson paid for our meal without us knowing. But he did much more than that.  On a personal level he sparked a journey of self discovery in me that I can never thank him enough for.

Waking up on Day 2 was tougher than on day 1 – but we were back on the road by 10am for another 550km to bring us through Quebec an into New Brunswick.  Riding along the St Lawrence was INCREDIBLE! The colours of the water, the greens of the fields and the trees & the blue skies – just amazing.  There was only one thing that caused some heart ache, Hyw 20 leaves riders desiring consistent and smooth paving!

All was redeemed when we hit 185 and New Brunswick – I never realized that NB is one big forest… with beautifully paved roads, amazing scenery and roads/routes made for bikers. Although the ride was great, we didn’t quite make it to our destination we did land in Ville Degelis  at a motel when my 1985 Virago decided to act up temporarily while filling up on gas for the night.

What reminds me of home

I had no idea what to expect – how would 400-500km a day feel? Could I and my 500cc keep up to my mother and her1100cc? How would keeping everyone informed work out? What personal learning would occur and how would I react?

I won’t lie, it has been a challenge BUT both my bike and I have kept up to the long rides and the crazy weather. We’ll see what the ride has in store next!

Stay tuned!


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