Day 3 & 4 – Murphy’s Trip

Oppps! I got ahead of myself – Day 3 was New Brunswick and I added it to Day 2…. Let me get back on track for everyone!

It was Day 3 that we enjoyed the hills and forests of NB – where the roads were all new and beautiful, the lakes were deep blue & everything else was GREEN! BUT we didn’t make it past 40km’s when both my mother and I suffered from what seems to be genetic – falling asleep at the handle bars. The swerving began and we knew we had to stop. And we did …. sleeping at the side of the road as motorists passed  – for an hour!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful – we did stop at Grand Falls … which was disappointing as the water had been directed away from the falls and to a near by power station. One thing came out of it, met some hot riders with some hot bikes – not a sports bike, but not a cruiser, a very nice, light and comfortable gortex middle.

We arrived into Amherst late, and the motel we planned to stay at was closed. We searched around and found the Motel 8 – great people and comfortable beds (with a pool we didn’t have a chance to use).

The real fun began the next morning as we planed our route to Sydney and the ferry to Argentia – very quickly upon pulling out the reservation we realized we missed the ferry by 24h….it was July 31st at 1:30am not August 1st at 1:30am. Well shit – the only way it could be described.

I can say that my world began to crumble slightly. I didn’t know what to think or do. All I saw was that the plans that had been made, the work that had been done for over a year seemed to be in jeopardy. We had few options – 1. Re-book the ferry for August the 7th (the only spot available, as per Customer Service); 2. Re-book a ferry to Port-Aux-Basque and ride the opposite way; 3. Not visit NFLD; 4. Ride to Sydney and hope there’s a space on the 6:00 pm.

Well, the plan was set to ride like bats out of hell and attempt to make the 6:00 pm ferry – rushing all the way there, rushing across the Island, rushing off the island and rushing all the way through trying to catch up on a schedule that was already shot.  Murphy’s Law had not only visited us but MOVED IN!

Plans changed – we decided to head to PEI for a couple days and let Murphy move on instead of rushing, rushing, rushing and creating no success at all.

But Murphy remained.  We could not find a place to stay close enough to the ocean so we decided to Camp – no problem, we have all the equipment we need, or do we??

We unpacked the bikes, set up the tent and began thinking about food and showers. Mother went to visit the bathrooms while I unpacked the air mattress … and the most vital part was missing – the cap. And to boot, the air pump attachments were too small for the ginormous hole left behind.  That’s when I started laughing – what else can you do?!

Ohh you can do DUCK TAPE. So I used almost a whole roll of duck tape, while my mother was pumping and I was listening to see if air was escaping. A full hour later, I heard nothing but knew that throughout the night, our butts would touch the ground. I prepared my mother for the eventuality of sleeping on the ground…..

One thing that I knew I could do is build a serious camp-fire and that I did! Our luck started to turn when the lovely ladies at the campsite office, called the next shift and had them pick us up some food and drink. The bathrooms were meticulously clean and the people were amazing. Not to mention the beach only a 2 min walk away.

PEI was starting to look like the best place to wait out the ferry schedule and leave Murphy behind. Next was the personal challenge of dealing with change, disappointments & the reality that with Murphy, completing the ride in Vancouver would be a challenge.


2 Responses to “Day 3 & 4 – Murphy’s Trip”

  1. WOW!! I am looking forward to doing something like this with one or two of my sons – just need the simple things – time and money:). Ride safe and am looking forward to reading more or your adventures.

  2. Hi guys,
    Sorry I missed you before you left; but I’m following U now. Best wishes for the ride from Michele and myself. Would B great to be with you. Brings back memories of travelling these places; seems so long ago.
    Keep the dream alive!!

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